What This Service Does for You

Don’t waste hours of your time or risk making simple mistakes that cost applicants countless hours every year. Use Online-Application.org and skip the long lines and save time! Online-Application.org is not affiliated with any government agency. We work directly for you to help you streamline the process. You can obtain free forms by visiting the SSA office directly. Allow us to help you process your social security card application from the comfort of your home and avoid traffic and long wait times.

The SS-5 form is extremely confusing, and if you don’t get it 100% correct, your application will be denied. Countless Americans struggle every day to complete the process alone only to be DENIED a new Social Security card. Get our professional filing agents to handle everything for you instead!


Online-Application.org is the fastest, most convenient way to file for a new card with confidence and ease. Our system instantly generates your form in the proper format. Then we provide clear instructions for submitting your application. Everything is made clear for you so you can complete your application right from your own home.


1. Avoid costly errors

Our software generates your SS-5 form for you so you can avoid common errors.

2. Skip the lines and save hours of your time

Don’t waste all day running around when you can have everything done in a few minutes! You’ve got better things to do.

3. We are with you every step of the way

Our professional filing agents are standing by to answer all of your questions 24/7.

4. Your personalized filing guide makes everything clear

Instead of reading through government regulations and using guesswork, we’ll make a custom filing guide for you with clear instructions.

5. Satisfaction guaranteed

Nobody else in the industry offers as comprehensive a guarantee as we do. If you aren’t satisfied at any time, just cancel and you’ll get your money back!

We’ll even send you value-added information to help protect your identity and keep your finances safe from thieves. All of this comes at one low processing fee of $39.