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If you’ve lost your social security card, you must act fast to get a replacement. Without your card, it will be difficult to obtain employment, track earnings, or apply for higher education. You may even expose yourself to identity theft. While most information around the web instructs you on how to replace your card, we found that no resources properly instructed readers on what to actually do in the event of a lost card to ensure your earnings are tracked properly and your identity kept safe. This complete guide to replacing a lost social security card helps you protect your identity, get a new card fast (and for free), and ensure no mistakes are made by the Social Security Administration. Your social security card is your link to the Social Security Administration (SSA). If your card is lost or you believe someone has stolen it, take immediate action. While what’s most important is the number on the card, you have to present the physical card in several key situations. And, it’s important to remember that a thief with your card can now do anything you could do with it. This guide will cover:

Victims Of Identity Theft Replace
Social Security Card Online

Lost Social Security Card - What Should I do First?

One of the rapidly growing and increasing crimes in the whole world is identity theft. A thief who has a person’s Social Security Number can use it to gather personal and confidential information about you and your identity. They use the number to make a request for more credit by your own name, thus, damaging your credit, integrity, and character.

Identity theft victims may not be able to find out if a thief is using their SSN until they experience getting calls from collectors and creditors that demand payment for materials that they did not buy and by simply being turned down for credit. The illegal use of a Social Security number and someone who uses your identity for substandard and unfortunate reasons causes severe problems.

The Importance Of Social Security Number

A nine-digit number that is given to all eligible residents and citizens is called a Social Security Number or an SSN. It is valuable because the number that you have is what the government uses in keeping track of the years that you have worked and the earnings you have acquired throughout your lifetime. Moreover, the SSN is important when it comes to retiring since you might need to receive a social security disability income and your information is being used by the government in determining whether you are eligible for it or not. Each and every number is strictly confidential and is being protected by the Social Security Administration.

Using the same Social Security Number throughout your lifetime is alright. However, few people might be applying for replacement because of the rise in identity theft. Be careful and wise when it comes to sharing and giving out your Social Security Number, only share it when it is authorized by the law. Do not dare to give your number to people without any purpose and authorization. If the SSN is needed, make sure to ask how it will be used, why it is needed, and what happens when you refuse. Answering the questions mentioned will help you decide if it is safe for you to share your Social Security Number.

Report Social Security Card Identity Theft

Remember that once a person has your Social Security Number, they become you. It is important to claim a different SSN if you become a victim of identity theft in order to avoid further complications and worsen problems that could affect your life in the long run. Going through this is definitely challenging and you must face the problems as soon as possible in order to clear your name, identity, and credibility. You can apply for a new Social Security Card conveniently and at ease online through a process that will be further discussed below.

Fraudulent Use Of Social Security Number

Identity Theft is a crime of using any personal information and financial information of someone else for the main purpose of purchasing items and making transactions by using the person’s identity. The primary objective of people who steals an identity is to access the bank account, corporate databases, credit card statements, and more. Thieves are devoted to advanced methods in technology by accessing a company’s database to steal your information. After obtaining numerous information about who you are and what they are looking for, they destroy your credibility in terms of other personal information and your own credit rating.

How Thieves Gather Personal Information

Someone has the ability to use your SSN by stealing purses or wallets which will lead to stealing your personal information, records at work, information at home and in business. They will also be exploring your personal data and obtain more information from their private sources by paying them. They can act as an employer, landlord or any other relevant person who legitimately wants more information about you.

Types Of Identity Theft

Social Security Card Identity Theft has various types and these are criminal, financial, medical, and child identity theft. There are malicious and numerous financial ways for a thief to use your SSN such as applying your identifiable information to gain finances, filling out false formal requests for credit cards, loans, and bank accounts that are under your name, collecting tax refunds, committing crimes, establishing residences, use of health insurance, utility fraud, and withdrawal of money to make purchases.

A thief has the power to use your personal information with the government since there is tax-related fraud. Stolen Identity Refund Fraud or SIRF happens when they use your SSN in filing an income tax return under your name in claiming a tax refund. In addition to this, a person who has your SSN can be more problematic in terms of criminal identity theft that can lead to an arrest warrant.

Medical identity theft happens when a thief applies your personal information for medical care and affects it negatively since there will be disinformation and deception whenever you are in need of medical treatment. You are most likely to receive notices such as bills from medical services that you did not even receive and health insurance notices that you have reached the limit of your health plan.

How Thieves Gather Personal Information
Apply For A New Social Security Number

Apply for a New Social Security Number

It is not easy to request a new Social Security Number but it can happen. It only happens to people who have successfully proven that their SSN has been used in committing identity theft and by stating all damage and harm that has been done onto you. A person will be declined in applying for a new Social Security Number if his or her objective is to clear off bad credit on a credit report.

Take Action Online

You have to report it to agencies that are experts when it comes to identity theft or through a licensed online application service. Instead of going through a government agency, you can have a personalized information bundle with detailed instructions in guiding you to the documents that you have to send online. Follow all of the steps and instructions carefully and receive your new SSN card in no time.

Get a Replacement Social Security Card

Exceptions are made if you are a victim of identity theft or abuse when it comes to applying for a new SSN. There are several steps to follow in order to obtain a Social Security Number replacement. You will be able to request for a new SSN if you are a U.S. citizen with a U.S. mailing address and must be 18 years or older and has a card such as a driver’s license for personal identification and acceptable documents such as the birth certificate.

After establishing your proper credentials, you have to fill out a replacement form with your signature and the date. Complete the form then mail the document to an online application filing service or to a Social Security office. Following these steps will ensure that your information has been verified and the application has been completed. The replacement card will have your exact full name as well as the exact Social Security Number but fear not, for it has been renewed and cleared.

Be Smart and Stay Safe

Always remember that your Social Security Number is the most important information that a thief can use that will make you a victim of identity theft. After receiving the new card, protect it in a safe place to prevent it from getting stolen and only use the card for important purposes. You do not have to bring it and put it inside your wallet since Social Security cards are not needed on a daily basis.