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You can obtain free assistance and forms by directly contacting the SSA (Social Security Administration).We work directly for you and include a Ebook, step by step instructions, and extended customer service.

Whether you are applying for your Social Security card for the very first time or you need a copy of Social Security card, you may have a daunting feeling about dealing with it. After all, you know that whenever you deal with federal government agencies you will have to read and decipher a mountain of regulations and directions. Any mistakes or omissions will get your application rejected.


However, that is the old way of doing things. Today, you can use a professional filing service to streamline the application process. For a small fee, the sophisticated software and the professional, helpful staff at enable you to get your Social Security card with little stress and after just one attempt.

Copy of Social security card

Why Do I Need to Have a Social Security Card?

When you get a Social Sercurity card copy, you will be assigned a unique, nine-digit number, and that number will be displayed on your card along with your full name.

In the eyes of the United States government, the main purpose of having a Social Security number is to enable the Social Security Administration to monitor your income and collect money from your paychecks during your working years. Your Social Security card will prove to employers that you have a Social Security number assigned to you, which will enable them to legally hire you and give them a way to report the wages they will pay you.

Unemployment, food stamps (“SNAP”), and other government benefits and services will be available to help you during the rough times in life if you can show these providers your Social Security card. After you reach retirement age, your Social Security number will allow you to apply for and receive monthly Social Security checks. Money for all of these benefits will come from the money that your employers will have paid into the Social Security fund on your behalf from your employment earnings during your working years.

A Social Security card will also tell pharmacy clerks, voting booth attendants, and others that you are who you say you are – a legal United States citizen of a particular age with a particular legal name who has been assigned a unique nine-digit number by the Social Security Administration.

As you can see, you absolutely need to have a Social Security number and a copy of Social Security card so that you can easily and legally function as a United States citizen. So why is it so darn hard to get a card? The U.S. government needs to be absolutely sure that you are who you say you are before they grant you a number and a card that will enable you to receive government money and services throughout your lifetime.