Social Security Card
Complete Guide is professional filing agency that assists with application preparation for new or replacement social security cards. Our easy to use system allows you to complete the SS-5 form with confidence and ease. Save time and money allowing us to accurately prepare your forms from the comfort of your home.

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You can obtain free assistance and forms by directly contacting the SSA (Social Security Administration).We work directly for you and include a Ebook, step by step instructions, and extended customer service.

Your social number is important!

How can I obtain my number?

In order to prove your citizenship in America, alongside your other important documents, you need a social security number. There are a number of ways to have a personal number assigned to your name, but it all depends on your circumstances. Getting your social security number starts with a federal form, the SS-5. For example, babies born to American parents or within the United States are considered natural citizens and can have their numbers applied for by the parents.

Other situations, such as immigration, can seem more daunting for receiving social security numbers. Luckily for these individuals, applying for their new numbers can be bundled into their immigration process.
Once you’re approved for a federally granted social security number, you will receive your very own card with your personally designated digits. The time may vary on when you’ll receive your physical card, but it usually takes between one to two weeks to come back into you – along with your documents.

How can I obtain a new card
request a replacement card?

In the past, the process to apply or request a replacement card was a hassle due to the many steps involved. Fortunately, the process has been simplified thanks to online applications in certain states! You fill out the forms, provide the requested documentation, and submit.

Alternatively, you can always visit your closest Social Security Administration building to physically apply for that new or replacement card. While either way will get you into the system, the quickest way is to go online and submit your application.

The entire process has many parts that may seem confusing. It’s a good idea to turn to your resources – such as – to get the help you need for a quick and easy request. Find out how long it takes to get your Social Security Card here.

How to get help

How can
help me with the process? has given the entire application process a much-needed makeover by keeping all the important resources in one place. As a private, third-party organization, we have designed a unique way to apply that allows you to complete the paperwork at your own pace by backing you every step of the way.

As opposed to spending all day sitting at the nearest social security office or receiving another denial letter due to mistakes, we strive to make the process simple and efficient. Once you’re ready, you just fill out the necessary information, include the documentation we need, and submit your application.

Many people get denied for their cards due to mistakes in the application process. We aim to eliminate those errors by providing you with assistance during every phase. The SSA, or Social Security Administration, may not provide you with any help to understand the difficulties throughout the application, but we will without hesitation. Although approval cannot be guaranteed, we have your best interests at heart, and we want you to get your social security card!

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

If your card is lost, don’t panic! You can easily request a new one through the process described above.

A stolen card is a different story. Identity theft is a very real problem, and it can be scary to experience! Knowing what to do and where to turn is daunting, to say the least. So, if your card has been stolen and you’re afraid of your identity being stolen, start by taking a deep breath.

Your first course of action with a stolen card is to call the police and file a report. You’ll also want to contact the SSA to report your card stolen, and you need to do so as soon as you notice your card gone. Additionally, you’ll need to contact the major credit bureaus, Transunion, Experian, and Equifax, to alert them to the situation. By doing so, they are able to take action and prevent your number from being used.

Fortunately, you have resources to watch the activity associated with your social security number. There are many services available. These sites allow consumers to see everything related to their numbers, such as lines of credit and even jobs. Your local Department of Labor can help you, as well, by providing you with wage inquiries. If the figures or activity don’t add up, you know your identity may be compromised.

  • Is it possible to get a new number if mine is stolen?

    While it’s not a guaranteed solution, if your identity has indeed been stolen – and someone is actively using your number – it’s possible to receive a totally new and unique social security number from the SSA. The process is very similar to when you first applied for your original social. In this case, you have to provide extra documentation to prove that your number is causing you ongoing problems and is being misused.

    In most other cases – such as just wanting a new number – your request will more than likely be denied. The Social Security Administration typically discourages individuals from trying to change their social security numbers. Remember, your number is unique to you no matter what type of card, so protect it!

  • Am I able to change the information on my card?

    You can definitely change the information on your card, as long as you can provide the appropriate documentation. For example, if you marry and legally change your last name, you’ll need to provide a marriage license in order to receive a new card.

    You may also consider changing the gender on your card. Similar to a name change, you’ll just have to submit the documents proving your gender, like a court decree or medical certification from a license doctor.

  • Can I laminate my card?

    You cannot laminate your card. In doing so, the special security features of your personal card may be covered up. Of course, you’ll want to protect your card, though. You can always put your card into a small plastic pouch for protection – as long as the cover doesn’t damage the card.

  • Can I change my work status?

    You can always change the work status that is associated with your social security card. Like any other changes that need to be made to your card, you should gather up the appropriate documentation – such as your immigration status or Department of Homeland Security work authorization – and submit your application for a new card. Once you receive your new card, your updated status will be reflected.

    Again, your card is linked to you – it’s proof of who you are. Always protect and take care of your social security card!